There are no bad or evil people in a human sense, which is not to say people don’t do bad things, but every bad thing a person does, they do for a human reason that is understandable to us if we strive to understand it, and critical thinking and compassionate ethics are our best tools for a more civilized existence.

L.R. on a concept by K.R. (via hollow-be-thy-name)

llévame contigo, arráncame la vida en plena madrugada, no quiero despertar otra mañana. arráncame el dolor, regálame la calma. si me llevas contigo nadie llorará, tal vez ni se den cuenta.


Valentines by Georgia Dunn

I made Valentines this year!! And here they are! I couldn’t decide between a nautical theme, woodland theme, or you know… Dinosaurs. So, I went with a little bit of everything!